So…here it is.  My first blog. And if you know me and are reading this and rolling your eyes, then I hope you know, you are partly to blame.  I like to share. A lot.  An awful lot actually.  There is rarely a subject that is ‘off limits’ for me and, if you know me well, then you will know that I am an open book.  More behind the safety of a screen than in person if I am being honest but, if I know you at all, there is a good chance that you know much more about me than I do about you.  Unless of course you don’t follow me on social media, then you probably know a different version of me.  The “Fine”; “Good”; “Ok” version.

I find sharing through a screen very freeing.  It acts as a wonderful outlet for things that have become often un-sharable in person because you cannot bear the reactions (or lack of reactions) on the faces of the audience, who are not sure how to respond to unexpectedly honest displays of emotion when “fine” was the required response; when they were just hoping to get on with their day uninterrupted, but you have created a complication by ‘over-sharing’ (even though they asked in the first place though, right…?) So sharing through a screen provides an unselfish outlet for sharing without ruining someone else’s schedule.  You like it, you read; you don’t, you ignore and continue with your day.

I have always had far too much to say for myself.  I will talk to anyone and everyone, which inevitably drives the people around me nuts – they counteract my over-sharing by being strict under-sharers (something that in turn drives me nuts and forces me to talk more to over-compensate for their distinct lack of chat).  I will happily pass the day jabbering on about anything at all, from the depthless to the bottomless.  But, often without a willing audience, the screen is my most avid and loyal companion.

And – this is the responsibility on your part that I mentioned earlier – who knew, but often when I talk about things, other people were feeling the same but didn’t voice it.  My outlet provided them with an outlet. And this is why I blog now.  Because apparently I share things that other people relate to but haven’t voiced (not everyone is a blatant and unashamed over-sharer like me).  Not only that, sometimes, someone, somewhere might be having a rare quiet day and have all the time in the world to chat, to offer a different perspective, a shoulder, a virtual hug or (my personal favourite) a strong opposing opinion, giving the busy-bees peace from the ramblings of the rambler – win-win!   And that is surely the beauty of the screen?  It is convenient, far-reaching and devoid of time-restrictions and location. You can talk about pretty much anything you like (which I unapologetically and undoubtedly will because, if there is a silence in a room, I feel the need to fill it).  So, as I said, here it is. (And yes I know it is a bit agonising but…) Life according to Jen.




9 thoughts on “So Apparently I blog now…

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  2. Hi, I read your piece on wonder woman and I find it extremely informative and philosophical. I’ve been trying to develop a comparative analysis of the DC and Marvel super heroes. I never new that there are others who are timeless fans of the original super heroes and ever so passionate as to do a write up that would hold any intellectually inclined reader spell bound from beginning to the end. I want to encourage you never to contemplate giving up blogging and sharing. I believe you still have so much to offer. Thanks and congratulations


    1. I actually cannot thank you enough for taking the time to read my blog and for your very generous and inspiring comments. I’m never really sure how anyone will feel about what I’ve got to say – it is very much a stream of consciousness and never sure it will make sense to anyone else but your comment is so very kind and encouraging. And, as far as super heroes go, I have so much to say and could talk about them all day long. There’s so much to them and their history than Hollywood depicts and I think this is a real shame. Thanks again, and I look forward to hearing your own views on the heroes that hold us captivated for a lifetime.


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  3. Hello from one oversharer to another x
    I am delighted that you have decided to do this.
    You are a funny, smart , complex , thoughtful , caring sharing woman and I forone bloody love you x


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