​Being a teacher is lovely. There are lots of lovely things about it. The biggest perk, without a doubt, is the holidays. 6 and half weeks this year to spend during the ‘summer’ months of Scotland with my children.  Bliss.

But it has occurred to me that I start off the holidays with a huuuuuge list of things I’m going to do. Such as: 

I’m going to completely redecorate, clear out and transform my house;

I’m going to spend SO much time catching up with friends and family;

I’m going to get up before the kids each day and work out, returning to work after 6 weeks looking like Tanya ‘The Machine’ (I’m a little obsessed with Tanya…); 

I’m going to read 2 or 3 books a week; 

I’m going to write. (Arsey, I know, I know. There’s no way take less eye-rollingly arsey. I’ve tried). 

I’m going to make the most of every day. 

This year I have achieved not one item in my list. Not one. Instead, this is a summary of what I’ve done:

I’ve picked up wet/dirty/clean but worn for half an hour and wanted to change clothes off the floor and washed/folded/repeated process;

I’ve catered continously for bottomless stomachs and cries of “muuum, am I allowed something?” (Followed quickly by “Muuum, he ate the last one…”) 

I’ve refereed. Hourly. Expertly and corruptly. I’m Stephanie McMahon;

I’ve read 3 fairly average books;

I’ve written 1 fairly average blog (not including this mundanity);

I’ve outgrown every single zip and button fastening item of clothing I own (and not through muscle building. Through red wine, bread, pasta and anything else that wasn’t nailed down) For example, this morning, while everyone was asleep, I considered getting up to do some shredding with Jillian Michaels.  Instead I got a cup of tea, some Wispa bites and took them both back to bed while watching funny animal videos on the Internet…and it was awesome;

I’ve become a recluse and seen approximately 3 people in 6 weeks;

I’ve made a big mess clearing out bedrooms that I’ve given up trying to fix and the house is a bigger mess than it was before I started (predictably) and actually said last night “I can sort that during the October holidays”…

I’ve learned lots about my children. All 3 of them. They are changing and growing. They are wonderful. They are helpful. They are caring. They are grateful. They are responsible. (They are whiny. They are confrontational. They are irresponsible. They are ungrateful). 

So, one week left to read some books, catch up with some people, reintroduce myself to Shaun, Tanya, Jillian and step away from the red wine and Wispa bites. Well. Maybe.  Don’t want to be overly ambitious. 


One thought on “Summer goals v Summer reality

  1. Just think if you had succeeded at all the things you set out to do. You would never of learnt what you have about your kids. What could be more precious than that.

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